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Underground Mining Equipment

From powerful drilling machines to efficient transport vehicles, we have the solutions you need to maximize productivity and safety in your mining operations. See below our specialized and customizable Landcruiser to get your perfect off-road vehicle tailored to your unique preferences.

Toyota Landcruiser

Sarliaq - Groupe Dion offers a diverse range of Landcruisers tailored to your unique transportation needs. Our extensive selection includes flat decks, mechanical boxes, personnel carriers, electric cruisers, and even mine rescue vehicles.

PMK8000 #2_edited.jpg

Haul Trucks

Scissor Lift Walden VD #4.jpeg

Scissor Lift Trucks

Scaler Paus_edited.jpg



Personnel Carriers

Rock Breaker Mobile_edited.jpg

Rock Breakers

BoomTruck Walden_edited.jpg

Boom Trucks

Paus_Image_PFL 30 (5).JPG

LHD Loaders

Paus PG10 HA Grader.jpg


Minca Paus_edited.jpg

Utility Vehicles

nunavut 3.jpg

And many more...


For any other need, contact us !

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